Home Savings Agreement

Your Home Savings Agreement (HSA) provides important regularly scheduled maintenance for your heating and cooling system. Regular maintenance reduces your cost of repairs as problems can be detected early before they progress. Your heating and air conditioning system runs better, is more reliable, and costs you less to operate.

What Benefits Do You Receive as an HSA Customer?

    15% discount on all plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical repairs
    Extended two-year limited warranty on most repairs
    Priority service dispatching—as Appleton Campbell’s HSA customer you are moved to the front of the line for service
    Regular inspections by one of Appleton Campbell’s highly qualified professional technicians—see the 50+ point checklist below for all of the components that will be checked carefully
    Reduction in equipment breakdowns
    Equipment runs more efficiently so you enjoy lower utility bills
    Annual whole-house plumbing inspection

Convenient Saturday service is available at weekday rates.

Monthly Payment Option

You can choose a monthly payment option for your HSA with no finance charge. Sign up today and save 15% on all of your repairs. Provide your credit or debit card or checking account information and your monthly payment will automatically be charged or deducted making your HSA convenient and affordable.

Our professionally performed 50+ point maintenance check will also ensure your system continues to operate reliably as we're able to detect any potential problems, and replace or repair any required parts to ensure your system continues to provide reliable heating or cooling.

Our system check involves:

Indoor Components
    Indoor coil
    Primary drain for dirt, cracks, & rust
    Flush condensate drain
    Auxiliary drain pan (if applicable)
    Blower for dirt & balance
    Blower motor bearings & amperage
    Air flow
    Wiring & connections

Outdoor Components
    Outdoor coil
    Outdoor fan for balance
    Fan motor bearings
    Relays for contact wear
    Reversing valve operation
    Defrost cycle
    Compressor voltage & amperage
    Operating temperatures & pressures
    Check that all covers, caps & seals are in place

Gas Furnaces Only
    Heat exchanger
    Draft inducer motor & fan
    Flue pipe
    Drain on condensing furnace
    Clean flame sensor
    Pressure switch, temperature-limit switch, draft switch & roll-out switch
    Gas valve operation
    Gas pressure
    Operating temperatures

Electric Heat Only
    Relay/sequencer operation
    Heater voltage & amp draw
    Operating temperatures

Oil Furnaces Only
    Clean and adjust electrode & nozzle assembly
    Replace oil nozzle & filter
    Test oil pump operation
    Flue pipe and barometric damper
    Test and adjust all safety & operating controls
    Perform electronic combustion analysis for peak performance


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