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EnergyTo enjoy improved energy efficiency when heating or cooling your home in the Piedmont and Northern Virginia Region, speak with the energy efficiency pros at Appleton Campbell Heating & Air. From energy audits to upgradeable energy improvements for your current system, we can help you harness maximum potential savings on your energy usage and costs.


SavingsModern systems provide greater energy efficiency without compromising on output and reliability. If your current heating or cooling system is costing too much to run, then we can assist with expert advice to help you choose the right system with maximum energy efficiency and provide a professional installation.  New systems can be as much as twice as efficient (and cost half as much to run) as systems from only a few years ago.  For furnaces the AFUE rating is the percentage of the input energy that becomes heating for your home, the higher the percentage the better.  With air conditioning the SEER rating shows the cooling output over a cooling season, divided by the energy input.  Again, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the system is.


It's important to have your heating or cooling systems installed by licensed and experienced professionals. We'll not only ensure you have a correctly rated and sized system to adequately heat or cool your home, we'll ensure the correct number of ducts are installed in optimum locations as well as showing you how to maximize your new systems energy efficiency potential for greater savings.


TechBy installing a programmable thermostat onto your existing system, you'll enjoy greater control over your comfort as well as improving energy efficiency. Having your your heating and cooling needs programmed about your own lifestyle can help save you money.  For example, it can be pre-programmed to bring your home to a comfortable temperature just in time for your return from work, rather than needed to run all day.  Read more here.


ZonesBy separating your home into 'zones' you no longer have to heat or cool the whole home but can choose to only heat or cool some by selecting zones which are in use. Also enjoy greater control over comfort as each zone has the option of being set to different temperatures. At Appleton Campbell Heating & Air, we'll professionally install your home zoning solution ensuring you have the optimum number of zones so you can gain maximum efficiency and comfort. Read more about our home zoning solution here.


By having your heating or cooling system regularly checked and serviced, you're less likely to experience avoidable system breakdowns. We recommend booking a maintenance check in the lead up to times of year when you put the greatest demand on your system. Our technicians will ensure all parts are in good working order and replace those that aren't as well as cleaning your ducts and vents to ensure maximum airflow is maintained. Click here to discover more about our maintenance solutions.

To maximize your potential energy savings and costs at home in Piedmont and the Northern Virginia Region, call and speak with the energy efficiency pros at Appleton Campbell Heating & Air today.

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